Lightweight Wearable Portable Water Buoyancy Aid – Anti-Drowning Lifesaving Bracelet | Inflatable Floating Wristband Emergency Rescue Device for Adults & Kids | Water Sport Tubes Kayak SUP Accessories

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Wristband Details:Color: Black.Overall Size: 6.11 x 4.93 x 3.35inchs.Shipping Weight: 1.02lb.Cylinder Filling Capacity: 12g.Product Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 4 inches.Product Weight: 10.2 ounces.Accessories: 2 x CO2 Small Bottles.Total Material Combination: Plastic,TPU,Stainless Steel,Silicone. Wristband Package:Instructions x 1Rescue wristbands x 1CO2 small bottles x 2 About Wristbands: Lifesaving wristbands is the world’s smallest air flotation equipment,Lifesaving

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Wristband Details:
Color: Black.
Overall Size: 6.11 x 4.93 x 3.35inchs.
Shipping Weight: 1.02lb.
Cylinder Filling Capacity: 12g.
Product Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 4 inches.
Product Weight: 10.2 ounces.
Accessories: 2 x CO2 Small Bottles.
Total Material Combination: Plastic,TPU,Stainless Steel,Silicone.

Wristband Package:
Instructions x 1
Rescue wristbands x 1
CO2 small bottles x 2

About Wristbands:
Lifesaving wristbands is the world’s smallest air flotation equipment,
Lifesaving wristbands is the world’s smallest air flotation equipment,
Suitable for all water sports. It is children/adult swimming essential rescue device.
This wristband is different from other life jacket, it looks fashion, simple,
convenient Although it is small, not a substitute for life jacket, but it could be the important,
supplement of the existing water sports safety equipment accessories.
Wristband Advantages:
Water sports are usually the best choice for summer and year-round.
But they are extremely dangerous and can easily take away human life.
So when you’re in danger, this rescue wristband device will be your life buoy.
When you run into an emergency and pull the lever quickly,
the air bag will pop out of the box immediately, and will pop out of the box
and swell in a few seconds to help you swim to safety.
Product design built-in compass and whistle, once you encounter risks
Product design built-in compass and whistle, once you encounter risks
the surrounding environment, to help you out of danger as soon as possible.

About air travel, rescue wristband non-flammable
carbon dioxide gas provides power to the wrist airbags,
and each small cylinder contains 12 grams of gas.
In air travel, it is considered hazardous.
If you need to carry a wristband that contains a carbon
dioxide gas cylinder, please tell the airline in advance.

Product Features

  • 🌊 WRISTBAND DESIGN: Wristband Airbag – Airbag made of lightweight, high buoyancy TPU composite fabric, Longer service life than traditional PVP life buoy. The highest buoyancy can reach 170N, can bear 264.6 pounds weight of adult. Wristband Cylinders – Cylinder made of professional standard and high-grade iron nickel-plated, internal gas-filled cold hydraulic carbon dioxide gas, 2 refill cartridges,easily reusable with refill cartridge, and powered by a small CO2 cylinder for airbags.
  • 🌊 WHISTLE AND COMPASS: Whistle – In case of an emergency, when life-saving wrist band airbag filled with gas, can blew a whistle at the same time sent a distress signal for help, and immediately attract the attention of rescuers, increase the chance of rescue. Compass – built-in high sensitivity of the compass, whether it is in the sea, swimming pool or in other places, when you float out of the water, can use the compass to identify the right direction, don’t have to worry about lost.
  • 🌊 WRISTBAND FEATURE: Rescue Wristband – Wristband made of imported TPU soft silicone skin-friendly material, comfortable wearing; Watch Buckle – Buckle made of stainless steel plated metal. Children and adults can wear them, suitable for any size of wrist. Wristband airbag device It is similar lifejacket gasbag device type suitable for all kinds of water sports, such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving, you just needs put the bracelet wristband device wear on your wrist.
  • 🌊 HOW TO USE: Put the 12g CO2 small cylinders inserted into the wristband cartridges. Carry out water sports in case of emergency, Inflatable rescue gasbag that just needs gently pull the lever switch and it pops up quickly and swell, rescue airbag only takes 1-2 seconds for the air bag to expand and takes you from the bottom to the ground in a matter of seconds. hands embrace airbag, let the airbag help you swim to safety or helps you stay afloat. so as to win valuable time for self-rescue.
  • 🌊 EVENTS: Drowning is a neglected cause of death, according to the world health organization (WHO). The world health organization calls the drowning person the “number one killer”, with 370,000 people drowning each year.Governments and research groups are also required to act to prevent drowning.While a lifesaving wristband is no substitute for a life jacket or other flotation device, it can provide extra buoyancy to help you get back to the surface when you need it.


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